Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is most important to you,apperance or personality

What is most important to you,appearance or personality.

Its hard to choose between appearence and personality.Both has its own good and bad.But according to my view,personality is more important compare to appearance.Why? Because Not everyone sees us through our appearance.Even though we have good appearance but our personality is not good,most people will distance from us and gossip about us.'Don't judge a book by its cover' this phrase is quite usefull.Although we don't have a good appearance but our personality helps boostt up our appearance.With a good personality,everyone will like to be friend us and easy to communicate with others.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Animal cruelty

My business com lecture showed the class a video on animal cruelty.Videos on how they are traeted and killed.Those animals are killed alive.The place that chicken stay is packed they cant even move from where they are,some hunger to death,some been step by other chicken.Not only chicken,there are other animals that is being treated badly.We have to teach people how to treat animals the right way.